The Quality of What You Find is a Result of Where You Look


Experienced business brokers are familiar with the business marketplace and know where quality listings are, how they are found, and the third party resources that prove to be invaluable in facilitating the successful business transaction.


When you sell your business, you have many challenges to overcome in the marketplace. Where do you source your accountants and lawyers? Where do you list? Where do people search for businesses like yours?


When you are buying a business, the ideal situation is to find a seller who matches your needs exactly. Having a broker assist you by helping you look in the right places for the right things will help you be more successful at meeting your needs and pairing you with the right seller.

Many business-acquisition opportunities may not be widely known. You can easily find trade publications such as magazines and brochures which advertise homes and cars, but businesses for sale are no overtly publicized.  Searching online without guidance may yield less than favorable results.  A business broker can help.

Selling a business is a delicate operation – sellers fear that their current employees and customers will lose interest if a business-for-sale sign is put up in the window. Rather, they wait patiently for the right buyer to privately make an offer.

Let Alberta Business Sales guide you into the world of buying a business, and you will be negotiating with interested business owners in no time.

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