The reasons for exiting a business are numerous—profit, retirement, relocation, health, or just a change of pace. But whatever your reasons for choosing to sell, one thing is certain – your decision is personal and must be handled with discretion.

We will assist you through the selling process confidently and confidentially. Your financial information and employees will be treated with sensitivity, and your loyal customers will be shielded from the process so that you are left with as few distractions as possible. You will be free to continue your business’s momentum and ensure that the best assets don’t slip away during the selling process.

By tailoring a marketing strategy to your needs, we promote your business to your ideal prospective buyers. Our unique approach helps your business sell better and faster than if you were to sell privately.

Contact our Business Brokers today to take you through the important steps


Qualifying and Identifying the Buyers

Our experienced Business Brokers are successful business owners and managers who understand the buying process. We will put your mind at ease by

  • Determining the purchaser’s buying criteria and financial resources
  • Selecting and targeting acquisition candidates specific to your requirements
  • Completing a confidential profile of the targeted acquisition for the purchaser to review
  • Negotiating and structuring the purchase
  • Finalizing the acquisition

Where financing stands in the way of the perfect buyer acquiring your business, our banking and lending contacts can help sellers supplement their financing. If you think it might be time for you to exit your business contact an Alberta Business Sales Broker today!