Successful business owners may recognize the need to grow their ventures, but navigating the multitude of growth strategies can be time consuming and risky.

Franchising is the most commonly considered strategy, and for companies with the proper design, this can be a viable option. But there are additional growth strategies using franchise principles that are applied in a multi-unit corporate structure. Choosing the best option and structuring the business for growth requires a long view and understanding of the process.

Alberta Business Sales brokers provide advisory services and will guide you through the process of a customized growth strategy or franchise development.

The business development process strengthens the following areas:

Innovative process

Transform innovative ideas into actions that yield productive and profitable results.

Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Document best practices to enable and ensure consistent results.


Develop and use standard measures to record information that indicates how well the business is performing and how the SOPs are audited.


Establish a distinctive and proprietary way of implementing the SOPs consistently.


Ensure that a method of predictable replication is in place so that the business becomes and remains scalable.

Economic business culture

Recruit and retain people who are engaged and who possess the passion, balance and intention to spark accelerated business growth.

Strategic growth perspectives

Leverage a support system to help achieve the vision.