Ken Leeson is an entrepreneur, former franchisee and corporate franchise manager.  He has developed independent and franchised businesses.  Ken specializes in the buying and selling of businesses and collaborating with advisory specialists to assist business transition and growth strategies.

At the core of Ken Leeson’s experience is having learned to overcome setbacks and never allow failure to be an option.  His approach is personalized and integrates business services from start-up to exit.  Ken focuses on identifying the client’s specific buying and selling needs and involves key collaborative specialists and their diverse areas of expertise to provide workable solutions for transferring, acquisition and exiting businesses.


Neil Gerritsen is a seasoned communicator, negotiator and financial industry specialist.

As senior business manager in the banking business, Neil guides companies to improve their profitability through specific revitalization and restructuring processes. Neil’s negotiation philosophy and experience affords him the creativity to initiate and create beneficial relationships with clients and partners within the centre of influence.

Neil has extensive experience in the creation of marketing initiatives of varying sizes and scopes, and these skill sets merge strategically with his management experience. Neil is able to identify the strengths and strategy of an enterprise, and he can also pinpoint and plot the marketing possibilities as things move forward.

Neil’s foray into business brokerage is recent when compared to his tenure in the financial industry. Neil has over 25 years of progressive experience in business management, human resources management and business development.

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