Meet Our Associates

A highly engaged business leader with over 30+ years of business experience. Entrepreneurial and practical business experience has given Neil a very unique perspective on many different industries in today’s business world.

A results-oriented professional with extensive experience in mergers and acquisition work gives him a pragmatic perspective. Neil’s 21 years of experience in the banking industry has provided him with extensive knowledge in the field of financing and valuation. Neil’s talent for aiding clients in buying and selling a business, financing, and determining a business’s value makes him a great resource.

Neil’s areas of specialization include assisting start ups, structuring businesses to sell, business acquisition, determining value of small businesses, deal management, due diligence processes, arranging and obtaining financing for clients, and executive and financial business coaching.

Roberta Milton

Manager of Client Services

Roberta has been with Alberta Business Sales since 2016. Roberta handles all client inquiries and is our main contact person. Should you have any questions feel free to talk with Roberta. She is a wonderful lady!

Madison Sloan

Communications Coordinator

Madison handles all social media and marketing materials for Alberta Business Sales. She brings a great amount of enthusiasm and knowledge to Alberta Business Sales. If you have any questions, Madison will have the answers for you!

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