This has been an incredibly busy time for us at Alberta Business Sales! The number of business owners choosing to list their businesses with us has been rapidly increasing over the last 18 months. In the last several months we have experienced an even higher wave of new listings spanning across various industries. From the oil and gas sector to, daycares, seniors’ support services to construction and manufacturing, business owners are finding that now is the time to sell.

Why sell now?
The economic climate in Alberta is looking promising, making it an appealing time for business owners to consider selling their ventures. The province's economy has been on a steady path to recovery post-pandemic. There's a noticeable resurgence in various sectors, including the pivotal energy industry that Alberta is known for. This recovery, coupled with a growing entrepreneurial spirit and increased investor confidence, creates an opportune environment for business owners aiming to sell. The current market dynamics suggest that now might be an advantageous time to explore the potential sale of a business in Alberta.

A Heightened Opportunity For Buyers:
Right now presents a golden opportunity to dive into the Alberta business scene. With a promising economic upswing on the horizon and the resilience of Alberta's market, there's a unique window for savvy investors. The province's diverse sectors, from energy and agriculture to technology and tourism, offer a rich landscape for potential growth. Couple that with supportive government policies and a skilled workforce, and you've got a recipe for success. Plus, the current market conditions might just be aligning in your favour. It's that sweet spot where potential meets opportunity, making it an exciting time to step into the entrepreneurial game in Alberta.

Individuals remain eager to seek great opportunities, leaving us fortunate to benefit from the Alberta Advantage. People from all over the world continue to recognize Alberta as the place to be. In the last month alone, our office has received 10 new offers for businesses listed with us, and several of our other businesses for sale have seen a sudden uptick in interest. By the end of this year, we will have closed nearly 30 business sale transactions, making this our most active year on record.

The current landscape offers a prime opportunity for both prospective buyers and sellers to make strategic business moves. Whether you're eyeing a new venture or considering the sale of your existing one, the timing aligns favourably. Alberta Business Sales prides itself on possessing the expertise and extensive network crucial for facilitating successful transitions in the market. With our support, tailored to the needs of both buyers and sellers, now is the ideal moment to capitalize on this dynamic business environment and embark on your next profitable endeavour.

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Jay Barrett Broker, Alberta Business Sales and Commercial Ventures