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Small Businesses for Sale In Edmonton 

Edmonton is home to some of Canada’s most exciting small businesses. According to data released by the Alberta Government, almost 90% of the businesses in Edmonton are considered small businesses.  

This city’s community of hardworking local entrepreneurs provide an excellent opportunity for business buyers in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Having the guidance of Neil and his team on your side will set you up for success.

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Why Invest In Edmonton?

Not only is Edmonton a stone throw away from some of Alberta’s most beautiful destinations, it’s also home to the most business-friendly policies in North America.

In fact, Alberta’s competitive tax rates are a serious draw for investors both domestically and abroad. Alberta has the lowest corporate tax rate in Canada. We also have no retail sales tax and competitively low personal income and fuel taxes compared to other provinces. 

While Alberta was once synonymous with the oil and agriculture industries, this province is showing impressive growth in tourism, financial services and technology. Edmonton is home to the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s Top Ten universities for its computer science program.

Edmonton Skyline Photo by Alicia Paydli

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