Information for Buyers

Neil’s points on buying a business: 

  • Look beyond the present numbers.
  • Do you see yourself working in this business?
  • Does owning this business feel right?
  • Approach the review of the business with curiosity, not judgement.
  • The costs are the costs ... if you keep the business in the same location you will have similar costs.
  • The seller has taken the business to a level they are comfortable with. It is up to you as the buyer to take it to a different place.
  • Write a proper business plan before buying.
  • Do you have a good team of professional advisors ?
  • Let us work with you on financing the business purchase... it’s not as easy as you think, and we are experts at doing this...
  • In addition to the public listings that you can find on this site, we also sell some privately listed businesses. For more information on these, please inquire with Neil Gerritsen using the contact information provided at the top of the page.